Saturday, May 31, 2014

11 floors - cursed and counting

After waiting for 20 min to go from the 11th floor to the first floor at the historic LA hotel this morning we (Tarzan and our new friends from Britain) we got of the elevator and immediately made ourselves look big in the crowded  space

Floor 8

Doors open.  Cute family with two little kids. None of us in elevator make any effort to make room.

Me to new Great Britian friend: if I were nice I would have made room

As the door closes and none if us make eye contact.

Floor 6

Doors open 2 pushy Oriental individuals with too much luggage. None of us mice to make room. They push their way in.

Me to new GBF: I guess that's what I get for not being nice 
New GBF to me: yeah (in a cool British accent) we'd have more room with those little kids.

Floor 3

Doors open, a cute Armenian woman in a wheelchair with her faithful sidekick. There is no way to make room.

New GBF to me: god hates me. I am now being cursed for not being nice.
Me to GBF: I just fell in love with you


Kim Thomas said...


Diane said...

Always try to be nice

Sara Watson said...

LOL. I wouldn't sweat it... the floor 6 crew probably would have pushed their way (+ luggage) in even if you'd let the floor 8 people on.