Monday, May 26, 2014

Forever Ariel

Born as an a Aquarian she has always been my water baby.   I believe this is where her love of the mermaid comes from.  

Symbolic of letting our hearts and our passion overrule the analytical mind. Sometimes the stuff we are attracted to doesn't have to make sense - and it's ok to be captured by odd, otherworldly music.

My wish for you Mir Joy is that you keep this passion and as you mature into a young woman you show the beauty, grace and mesmerizing melodies of this charming sea creature. 

"If you can dream it you can do it!"  

Walt Disney


Ruth Anne said...

cute by the pool. It took a little bit, but I finally see Ariel with a graduation cap. Great idea.

And I have requested your water baby to life guard to watch the real water babies. :)

Kim Thomas said...

Under the her love for Ariel!

Sara Watson said...

The hair is amazing :)

So glad to see the cake - I missed getting to see it whole.

Her costume was much better than Randall's suggestion of me going as Ariel and flopping around on the ground all night....

Diane said...

Awesome girl you have raised!