Friday, May 23, 2014

Disney Themed Graduation Party

Candid shots in the photo booth

And thats how its done :)


Ruth Anne said...

Thanks to Kim I saw Mrs Incredible character at Disneyland, and she had huge hips. I am just going to saw that is all apart of my costume.

Everyone looks great. A little surprised Grant is trying to stab Rachel, but she must have said something mean.

Haha. This is fun.

Thanks for giving us an excuse to have fun.

Kim Thomas said...

My goodness these are so much fun!!!!! Need copies of all of these.....the kids have told everyone it was the best party ever and I may have to agree

Sara Watson said...

Love the Incredible/Ariel/Jessica Rabbit combo.

For as many as Tarzan took, I can't believe he only made the highlight reel twice ;)

Photo booth was a huge hit.