Monday, May 13, 2013

Teenage mutant ninja turtle (and she may just be brilliant)

The girls had their first visit to a Tiffany store this weekend for a gift pick up.  CEM was most enamored with the white ribbons used for wrapping up the box.  Using her charm she convinced the sales-guy to give her some ribbon to make a finger ninja. 

Their first visit a memory making success when the ribbon was taller than REM (no joy to be shared on a vehicle purchase, but we all did fall in love with the Electric Tesla)

She entertained us all with a inch of the ribbon.

In other news, she dressed in sports attire today.  When I asked her if anyone made fun of her casual look she declared no very boldly (and very matter of fact) with an explanation that her friends would never tell her that - they would talk about it behind her back. Yes, she is in fact smarter then the rest of us.  Wish my ten year old self would have known this.


Sara Watson said...

RORORORO. she is way wise beyond her yaers :)

Diane said...

Love this kid and her wisdom!

Kim Thomas said...

What I have to say about the Tesla:

No.....No No No.....Tesla Girls, Tesla Girls, Testing out theories
Electric chairs and dynamos
Dressed to kill they're killing me
But heaven knows their recipe