Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green is Good

My first experience in IT was a PHS (pathways healthcare scheduling) implementation at Scottsdale Healthcare.  During the training the visiting expert whose quote I have used over and over again was, "green is good (you can schedule a patient appt) orange is better (you can override)"

Tonight for our anniversary dinner Tarzan and I both showed up in green (me on grass green, he is cactus green).
Then everyone but REM had some shade of green.

We went to a Brazilian Steakhouse where once again green is good.
That said RED was better as we all became very full.
In other news desert (an Ashed event) was a reality lesson.  Reality in good, better and worst.


Diane said...

everyone looks good in green, poor rem didn't want to play. desserts look delicious. do you have on new glasses?

Sara Watson said...

red looks good in the wine glass :)

You guys look awesome! Happy Anniversary!

Kim Thomas said...

Green is good