Sunday, May 12, 2013

How my Mothers Day started

After the race I sent everyone to shower before me.  This meant that in order to have hot water I didn't get into the shower until after midnight.when I got out of the shower Tarzan said, "I think one of the girls is calling you". The only reason I made an effort to investigate was MJM had gone to bed sick after a series of vomiting (at the race, at the restaurant, in the car.  All of the reasons one loves being a mother)
What I instead found was the two second born in a full fledged freak out.  "Don't move!!!! Look up, look up".
Oh dear (caution spiders may appear bigger in real life).  "ASH"
And he saves the day (and he loves me more than life that he agreed to a half dressed just out of the shower pic to be posted. 

What is missing here is a series of Tarzan climbing on a chair and throwing his shoe and the ceiling (multiple times). No photos were taken because all of the second borns were hysterically laughing.
Time of death 1222 am
And now I need the gift of having the shoe print cleaned off the ceiling.
Apparently this balloon bigger than my head was being put into place last night which is why I had two girls in the kitchen. (No I am not obsessing but please note the shoe print boldly saying hi behind the gift)
One happy mom!!!


Sara Watson said...

RO x22!!!!! Happy Mother's Day... I hear it's an adventure ;)

Diane said...

The race looks like you had fun! Poor MJM hope she feels better. Lol shoe print and shocked Tarzan allowed the pic. Hope you had a great Mothers day weekend!Question for you...Why is Luke on your kitchen counter?