Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thirsty Lion

A couple months ago I was thirsty beyond belief. My children watched as I drank cup after cup of liquids.

It started with water, then diet coke, them more water followed by sprite. 31 glasses later I really wasn't all that hungry.

I did however have a bloated tummy from the carbonated fluid.

We went to Thirsty Lion (what an appropriate name) on Sunday - pre Super Bowl. I was not all that hungry. But was super thirsty.

Lex and Jess, both had corned beef and cabbage. And I had 6 glasses of water, 3 of sprite, 1 of coke. And a slice of pizza


Andrea said...

Does traveling dehydrate you? Do we need to be concerned?

Diane said...

You are so funny!

Sara Watson said...

good advertising? :)

Kim Thomas said...

Drink water!