Monday, February 18, 2013

Sounds like......

Ash Wednesday turned out to not be as great as others in years past (the universe was testing me)

So, at 645 when I returned home from work and Tarzan from San Francisco, I was trying to determine where to go eat go celebrate (no one else was in decision making mode). I declared we were going for Thai food.

When I went into the kitchen it was now 650 and I was getting over whelmed with going out to eat too late. I started cooking grilled cheese and tomato soup and called into the living room, "CEM, google that new pie place. I'm gonna cook dinner and we'll go there for desert"

MJM calls out that it closes at 9. While surprised that it was that late, we headed there after dinner.

It wasn't until we pulled into the parking lot of Pie Fection that both of them. said, "I thought you wanted us to google the Thai restaurant"

Having closed at 6 pm we went to ZoYo for desert.

And then enjoyed Thai for Valentines.


Sara Watson said...

but everyone was in it together, and that makes it an adventure not a disaster ;)

Diane said...

Was Thai good? Did to get to try a pie?