Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seeking more affirmation

1. I ensured I posed with the correct leg
2. Hair looks great
3. 1 legged Jane hasn't appeared since 2007
4. Tarzan played
5. KT only said lol


Kim Thomas said...

1. Two children crying
2. Trying to make dinner
3. It was a smiley face not an LOL
4. I STM
5. My love tank is full
6. My BFF is funniest human
7. ILY

Kim Thomas said...

8. I have cramps

Kim Thomas said...

9. When did try turn on reply to comment feature? That is awesome

Sara Watson said...

1 legged Jane hasn't appeared since 2007?! My, how time flies.

Diane said...

Hair does look great. I think we were talking about 1 legged Jane a few weeks ago and she could ref better