Monday, February 18, 2013

CEM, Super Soccer Star

My children intrigue me. Whether it is their talents, brains, love of life or physical abilities.

CEM absolutely amazes me on the soccer field. Her focus and drive (notice the Michael Jordan tongue) is like nothing I have ever seen from a 10 year old.

Whether it is 42 degrees (and it was last weekend), or late night practices including celebrating valentines day with soccer - she is all in.

It shows! Her team won first place at the last tournament.

So dang proud!


Sara Watson said...

Love this girl! LOL... actually just came across my pic with her on Britney's walk of fame star the other day.

Alice said...

Way to go Camdyn!!!! Looking good out there! Proud of you!

MoM said...

Congrats! Looks like fun.

Diane said...

Cem rocks!! She is a superstar:)