Saturday, January 5, 2013

This is the kid

Who has a personality bigger than life
Can adapt to any situation
Loves to be the center of attention, then loves to be alone
Has the biggest giving heart
Has the most mature eating habits
Is more beautiful that she realizes
Who knows more about loyalty then most grown ups
Is smarter than just about anyone
Has an old soul deep inside

This is the kid that completes the family!

Happy 10th Birthday 


Alice said...

Happy birthday Cam! I love you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday CEM!

Diane said...

Love this kid! Happy Birthday CEM!

G'ma Rae said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! what a rock star kiddo :)

Tamara Larsen said...

Happy birthday. Thought of you all day and many more.

Kim Thomas said...

I love this kid more than I can I say. Happy Happy Birthday, CEM!!!!