Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am loved (or t-1=birthday bread)

My doorbell rang three times this afternoon for bread delivery.

CEM was I'm charge if the intake process since I was on work calls. It was sketchy, something to do with Sister Tuft, Sister Somebody else, I was thinking of Laura and a truck of bread.

I wasn't clear on the details of the love I was receiving for my birthday via bread until Tamara showed up at 615 pm.

A lady in the area had an overload of bread donations (like a whole room full- thousands and thousands of loaves) And I was loved enough to be thought of.

We had sourdough for dinner.


Sara said...

you are so loved :)

Alice said...

I freaking love bread. Dang the sickness.

Diane said...

Yum carbs!