Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (from our house to yours 2012)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS (from our house to yours 2012)

(For those of you who may not have received a hard copy, and to memorialize on the blog)

The family started out 2012 with grandeur celebrating Laura and Miranda’s milestone birthdays in our newly created backyard oasis. As we have been reflecting on the past year and realize we are also going out with a splendor celebrating the New Year in Orlando at Disney World. 

In between we achieved the goal of more domestic travel to support the US economy through Ash and Laura’s work commitments (Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Southern California), Rachel’s basketball (Las Vegas, Portland) and some much needed relaxation (Ash and Laura’s anniversary in Miami, Jess’ 21st birthday in Las Vegas, Ash’s birthday in New York, the girls beach trip to San Clemente, Oklahoma to visit the Whitson’s (and hold Lilia the great), late celebration of Laura’s birthday at Catalina Island).

Ok so the important stuff: the low down on those amazing children:

CEM: The 9 year old that could.  She is a bundle of energy (no really she never sits still). She lives for soccer; playing on her regular season team, the U10 All-Star team, the extra U12 team and finally achieving her ultimate goal of making the U12 All-Star team.  She taught herself to play the piano, plays the bells in the band and is taking drum lessons. She is funny, inquisitive and brilliant having one only one academic area that she has yet to conquer, decimals.

REM: 15, all work little play.  Rachel does two things basketball and academics.  In her spare time she plays basketball and does homework. All of her commitment paid off ending her freshmen basketball season undefeated except for a tragic loss at their last game, she played on a competitive team over the summer and is very proud of making the Varsity team as a sophomore all while achieving a 4.33 GPA.  She has such a kind heart and always protects the underdog and just may take more photos then her mother.

MJM: Still Sweet 16. She made everyone proud by conquering geometry and Spanish 3.  She got her driver’s license and procured her first job as life guard at Sun Splash this summer. She is the most responsible driver and takes great care of her siblings.  She has such a creative side with a love of the Arts, especially Music. She got her first solo at her next concert and faithfully follows Glee, and any other show with music (yes we saw Le Miserable on Christmas/opening day).

Jess: 21 and leaving her dad wondering - where did the time go? She celebrated her year anniversary working for Dell/Dignity Health in Field Service and the primary support for all of the blackberries and iPhones (She may even know more that her dad on this one). She bought a car, took a vacation to Hawaii and moved to Arizona in December. She is the proud mother of a Siamese cat (Luke) that we are all starting to fall in love with.

Lex: 22 and such a grown up.  She continues to go to school in anticipation of applying for medical school and is one of the senior scribes supporting the Emergency room physician’s at Antelope Valley Hospital in California. She just celebrated her one year anniversary with Matt with flair in Seattle followed by two great days at Disneyland.  Her love of shoes bonds her with Laura and her emotional strength keeps her and her dad aligned.

As we end the year we realize didn’t ride the Harleys enough, didn’t go shooting enough, didn’t hike enough but did have the opportunity to spend lots of time with our children and those closest to us. Most notable, a blessed Thanksgiving with all of Laura’s family in Arizona. An enormous celebration with the ever growing family that created great memories for all of the children.

With love and gratitude for your friendship in 2012!

Ash, Laura, Lex, Jess, Miranda, Rachel and Camdyn


Sara said...

love that it's memorialized on the blog :) I've enjoyed following most of the adventures described in 2012 and am excited for 2013!

Diane said...

Awesome account of the year. I think you might need a dog:)

Kim Thomas said...

Merry Christmas