Monday, December 24, 2012

When a good gift goes bad

About 6 years ago I bought a "Young" name family history book from I thought it was so cool I bought 5 more for my parents and siblings.

A lot happened over the past couple years and I kept forget to give the book as a gift to my fellow Young's. After our remodel in September I refound the books and pulled the books out for Thanksgiving delivery. And then with a lot happening forgot at that point too.

So tonight for Christmas Eve I pulled out 3 of them for a special gift. Larissa delivered all three at the same time. Tami got the plastic off first and kept referring to the Rafalowski. Not understanding what she was saying my dad then joined in and said this one is the Rafalowski family too. I turned to Ruth who had been sitting there quietly and said what fily do you have. She discretely said, "the Ericksons".

Hmmm, what is the return policy for something bought 6 years ago (and what do the ones at home packaged to go to Alice and Joe say?)

So, after the holidays will be getting a call to replace 3 Rafaloski and 1 Erickson book (with Young on the cover) as Alice won the lottery and was the only one identified with Young on the inside too.


Sara said...


Alice said...

Oh my gosh this is so horrible! Haha.

This year we got Jeffrey a Ryan Broyles jersey. When we opened the package to set it up last night to our utter dismay the jersey said "Royles". will be talking to one unhappy stepmom tomorrow!

Diane said...

Lol cool gift, too bad they did not all say Young