Saturday, December 1, 2012

Soccer Saturday with Larissa

Today is the last soccer game of the regular season.  One of my favorite times during the season is being able to meet up with the Skinners  during CEM's game.  I always get one on one time with at least one of the kids.  Raea is usually very insightful and will talk about her week and the strategy of the game, Ethan is usually telling me something intelligent with big words, Herston will rough house with Tarzan (too much energy for me) and Larissa will hang with me and cuddle.  This photo series is from a couple of weeks ago when she was being entertained by my phone (I unfortunately don't have any games and very little videos.  This resulted in a photo session she created)

 "Aunt Laura your eyes look good in this light"
 "Its funny when adults talk"
 "R is for Rachel and Ruth" (the letters from my HARVARD shirt I was wearing)
 "A is for Alice"
 "D is for Dallin"
 "H is for Herston.  Dang that none in the family starts with a V"
 "Your ring is pretty"
 "CEM is good"
"Take a picture of Ethan's candy"

Yeah I will miss soccer Saturdays.