Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas REM

I married into football. I mean I watched it (Mighty Joe Young - Titans rule, Super Bowl - which shared almost every birthday weekend) but never really lived it.

Part of marrying into football is having "your team". My mom always liked the 49ers, Joe followed the Patriots, but I was always fair weathered.

With Tarzan came the Chargers. I became a full fledged fan (through bad and more bad). Finally at the beginning of the season I told him that if they sucked again this year we were selling our gear(and there is a lot of it) on eBay and were going to cheer for the home team. The season started out great with 4 wins in a row, then the suck factor came out. The only way I can compare is the way I play softball - the first hit is incredible and I get to third base or even a home run. Every subsequent time I come up to bat it goes in the same place and the ball gets caught with no opportunity to run. Mr Rivers plays the same play, every time. Then the worst game of the year (week 6) when the Chargers lost to the Broncos 24-35. While the score doesn't sound that bad, Let me remind you that we were 24-0 at the half.

The criteria to switch teams was if the Chargers didn't make it to the playoffs. Not only is this feat impossible but I now have such disdain for Phillip Rivers ("he must be tired because he is the father of 6"), that I now have a full basket of Chargers gear to sell/dispose of (everything from blankets to aprons). I bought a Cardinals shirt and jacket last weekend. I do have to admit I felt a lithe like I was cheating on my team, but the grieving is now complete.

Go Cardinals!

(Ps I do realize they suck too which may require reevaluation, but at least it's the home town that sucks)


Diane said...

I like your shirt and #21 Peterson.

Sara said...

RO..... yeah, I was wondering if you knew the Cardinals sucked, too. But there is always next year! (so says a good football fan ;)