Saturday, December 8, 2012


Friday night in San Francisco a group of girls starting squealing and yelling - its the Cardinal, its the Cardinal. I am always one to be a part of a celebrity stalking so I turn around to find the Cardinal (and who is the Cardinal anyway). Who I ask? And this woman from the mid-west says, "you know the Cardinal from the movie the Three Musketeers"  

Umm ok (does nothing for me)

Cardinal Richelieu

Imagine my surprise when this cute little Asian girl approaches Tarzan and asks for his autograph.

I said to her, "who do you think he is?" She says, "Aren't you Tim Curry, the actor who plays the Cardinal" (As a line is forming in front of him).  Tarzan hugs her and says, "of course I am,  I will sign this just for you if you help me get away from the crowd and off to dinner."  The poor girl assisted and has a signature that looks awfully similar to someone I am married to.


Diane said...

Ro! That is totally Tarzan in first pic.

Sara said...

RO! I'm dying..... too funny

Andrea said...

I wouldn't have thought that at first, but now I'm TOTALLY seeing Tim Curry!! (Who, by the way, is one of my favs!)Congrats on snagging a celebrity!

Kim Thomas said...

RO again