Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being Cool

It this were my truck my kids would love it without being embarrassed at all

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Central Europe | The Signs v1 Janes camera

Great Gyros

On Friday Tami and my mom reccommended this new hole in the wall that serves "the best Greek salad, pizza and gyros". Its a small deli counter inside a convenience market.

Yesterday, I Ash and I went. I said to the owner, "my name is Laura (hers is Dina) my sister sent me here. She said its great."

Dina then tells me that both my sister and mother (who I look just like ) have already been there today

If you are in Mesa you have to try it. Incredible Christian family from Iraq, great minimal menu and awesome prices. ($11.03 for gyro, salad and 2 sodas )
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Monday, March 28, 2011

The popcorn button works

It is time for a new microwave. My husband has been saying this for months. I on the other hand am perfectly fine cooking everything for 3 minutes. Then pushing the popcorn button again.

What to do when the only button you know how to use quits work?
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Good Morning Starshine

Tucked nicely in her bed, rising among the bright pink (and a floor much in need of pick up)

I could stare at this view all day. My cute innocent sleeping child.

And then when she wakes I'll nag her to clean her room.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear Deb

Back before I read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today on my Ipad and all other updates on Twitter or FaceBook (yes, this is where I learn about March Madness and Jimmer, the Japan crisis/Tsunami in Hawaii and where I found out that Senator Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and my Uncle Jack died) I was a devout newspaper reader. I had a great system of reading the social section (who's engaged, who's married, who's having reunions, who's passed away), followed by the comics, and then Dear Abby, Ann Landers and Helpful Heloise.

I loved the later of this system. I was enamoured by these wise women give advice. Helpful Heloise got the least amount of attention since she had little gossip and drama - just the scoop on how to clean up poop. Ann Landers got the second least attention since I always felt that she was trying to hard to be like her sister. But Dear Abby. This woman had such great life experiences and always took a different perspective on how to handle a problem. I wanted her as my personal friend and therapist.

Today at the PSC Reunion Brunch, Deb was providing her advisement on the daily dilemma of the other three women in attendance. I had this urge to close my eyes and pretend as if she were Dear Abby. Indeed Deb was wiser than my earlier enchantment. I have always loved the viewpoint of Lady Lips. But today I had the epiphany that I have a personal friend and therapist who is a cool compatriot with great with consolation and counsel.

Dear Deb you could possibly be the most pragmatic and knowledgeable person I know. Your life experiences and viewpoint far exceeds my desire to have Abby as my personal friend.

Happy Birthday Rachel!

I love every picture you take - it shows your 1000 different sides.
Happy Birthdday to my beautiful, unique, complex, caring daughter.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sorry to my loyal followers who have endured the dialogue to follow, I do realize it could be the most repeated story of 2011 and it happened less than 18 hours ago. CEM has bragging rights since she was there and observed the events (and has heard the story shared no less than 35 times, AD only heard twice and JM only heard once).

So, I am the Merit Market Mother. What does this mean? It means that once a month, me and 2 other mothers overprice cool finds from the dollar store for purchase by third graders who have been rewarded for good behavior with play money (other wise known as grabbers, merit money, or bribery ).

There is one precocious child who I have taken a liking to. Since I don't have boys at home I can spar with him and encourage his creativity once a month and then send his energy back to the classroom.

Yesterday Silly String was overpriced at $800. Of course my friend (and all the boys ) were drawn to the cans. Poor D didn't have enough saved, and P really wanted some chocolate easter bunny for $500 instead. My friend boldly steps forward to purchase the coveted can.

S. $800 bucks?

Me. yup

S. OK but only if I can spray you

Me. you can spray me for $500

S. No way how about $200

Me. You are kidding dude

S. (counting desperately) I only have $450

Me. You can spray me for $450 after the school bell rings

S. really? No rules???

Me. only rule is we have to have a photo after

S. Cool

Bell rings, kids gather like there is a scheduled fight, spraying, photo, more spraying, loss of Drivers license. (Yeah a whole different over repeated story)

S. Money well spent! See you next time!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Choir Concert

Dear MJM,

I so love watching you perform. The joy in your eyes and the beautiful voice that comes out. You amaze me with your talent.

Love that you are "Pop u lar like me" :)


Your proud mom!
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Central Europe | Just one More

Our background friend in a deep British accent
"Would you like me to take that for you?
Sometimes its so hard reaching your arm out"