Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Gyros

On Friday Tami and my mom reccommended this new hole in the wall that serves "the best Greek salad, pizza and gyros". Its a small deli counter inside a convenience market.

Yesterday, I Ash and I went. I said to the owner, "my name is Laura (hers is Dina) my sister sent me here. She said its great."

Dina then tells me that both my sister and mother (who I look just like ) have already been there today

If you are in Mesa you have to try it. Incredible Christian family from Iraq, great minimal menu and awesome prices. ($11.03 for gyro, salad and 2 sodas )
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Queen B said...

aw, that is awesome! love that they recognized you :)

Anonymous said...

It was great food. Mom

Diane said...

Yum! I want to try it.

Supermom said...

And I went again today. The best greek salad for only $4.99. Awesome!

Kim Thomas said...

Thanks for including the prices: $11.03 for gyro, salad and 2 sodas RO