Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dear Deb

Back before I read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today on my Ipad and all other updates on Twitter or FaceBook (yes, this is where I learn about March Madness and Jimmer, the Japan crisis/Tsunami in Hawaii and where I found out that Senator Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and my Uncle Jack died) I was a devout newspaper reader. I had a great system of reading the social section (who's engaged, who's married, who's having reunions, who's passed away), followed by the comics, and then Dear Abby, Ann Landers and Helpful Heloise.

I loved the later of this system. I was enamoured by these wise women give advice. Helpful Heloise got the least amount of attention since she had little gossip and drama - just the scoop on how to clean up poop. Ann Landers got the second least attention since I always felt that she was trying to hard to be like her sister. But Dear Abby. This woman had such great life experiences and always took a different perspective on how to handle a problem. I wanted her as my personal friend and therapist.

Today at the PSC Reunion Brunch, Deb was providing her advisement on the daily dilemma of the other three women in attendance. I had this urge to close my eyes and pretend as if she were Dear Abby. Indeed Deb was wiser than my earlier enchantment. I have always loved the viewpoint of Lady Lips. But today I had the epiphany that I have a personal friend and therapist who is a cool compatriot with great with consolation and counsel.

Dear Deb you could possibly be the most pragmatic and knowledgeable person I know. Your life experiences and viewpoint far exceeds my desire to have Abby as my personal friend.


Queen B said...

that's awesome! I had a similar newspaper-reading system :)

Lady Lips said...

Ah Laura, thank you for your kind words and constant support. I have always admired you, a woman of strength, who melds the love of her family, support for her friends, kindness to neighbors and the less fortunate and a business savvy that has guided her to excellence in the world of leadership; you are a fine example of what it takes to succeed. Notwithstanding we all have demons to conquer in our lives but to rise above is the challenge. I doubt I have sage advice to give other than I heve been around longer that all of you and for me, the prospect of a shorter life gives me a new perspective on all things. I used to think resolve, forgiveness and compassionate action could be put on the back burner because I had time to do all that later. Frankly, I no longer have time on my side and one should realize that healthy or not, nor do they as life hold no guarantees. It is my wish that all people will realize the importance of "now", moving forward to get things done... rise to help others, let go of old resentments, forgive everyone everything and move on to enjoy life to the fullest. I thank you again for letting me know up front and personal that you all have impacted my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

Diane said...

What a great post! The picture came out good;)

Anonymous said...

I love the words about Laura - I think she is right, I very proud of the woman you are. I can see why you like her advice - it is wise and great advice. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

Love you, Deb!