Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

45 years, AMAZING!

What your relationship has taught me:


Dad, some of the things you have taught me:

Value of small business and community
"Choose what to be committed to and commit"
To "never share the exclusive"
Knowing when "the day is done"

Mom, some of the things you taught me:

"friends come and go but families are forever"
"make each day special, make holidays extra special"
How to find joy in all things
And to make certain my laundry is done before I go on vacation :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful day together. Emily

Anonymous said...

Thanks! We are on our way to Aravapai Canyon for an all day hike. Love ya, Mom

Queen B said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pic of your parents :)

Kim Thomas said...


P.S. RO laundry pic

Sandra said...

Tell your mother she does NOT look old enough to have been married 45 years!!! She is beautiful! And congrats to them both. Quite an achievement but one to be proud of.

Diane said...

Happy Anniversary! Your parents are great!

Andrea said...

What great advice all around!!