Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Evening News

I am sitting on my couch (it's a great nest I have created, with 2 pillows, a comfy blanket, my iPad and a pile of magazines). After voting for the Covey-Young logo and after catching up on sociall media I then bought a cool pair of shoes from, bought an Larry Bird jersey, been searching for 100% polyester Alfani men's button down shirt (not as easy as it sounds, I'm about ready to delegate this task to my mother).

While I am in my own world, Tarzan as informed me that former Giants McWhorters was shot, CEM informed me that i am a SUCKER and she us kicking my butt in wordfeud, Lex, Jess and REM texted me to tell me that Osama is dead (apparently when I was on Facebook 40 minutes ago it wasn't top news yet) and Tami has texted me to tell me that Anna Canfield in Wyoming died.

You are now informed on the Sunday evening news.


Kim Thomas said...

I am pissed that Katie has to share this death date with Bin Laden.

Diane said...

Which shoes did you get? I found out Hitler also died on may 1.

Queen B said...

love that news channel ;)

how did the mother/daughter look-alike contest go??