Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 More Memorial Memories

-Seasons 52 (Thumbs up)
-Jay Alexander (Thumbs down)
-Inka Cola and Village Mart (2 Thumbs up)
-Let Them Eat Cake Anniversary Topper (Thumbs up)

-Thor (Thumbs up)
-Summer love (thumbs up)
-Case 39 (2 thumbs up)
-The Kings Speech (neutral)

-Didn’t go swimming (only cause I showed up at the wrong resort) but did buy 4 pairs of shoes in my swim suit
-Met dad’s best friend and spent time with mine
-Bought a full length mirror for my room so that REM will no longer complain
-Paid all my bills
-Cleared out my TIVO
-Fully stocked my pantry (2 Trips to Wal-Mart and 1 to Costco)
-Received proof that Marjorie may indeed have red hair


Queen B said...

we have a Seasons 52 here but have not tried it yet

yay for bff time!

I hit my DVR pretty hard this weekend, too

Kim Thomas said...

Hmm, three posts in one day. I get mocked when that happens.

RO at the number of movies

MoM said...

What a weekend!

Alice said...

I am happy to think I may have fulfilled this generations need for a red head.

Diane said...

Love the picture of Tarzan and Sydney! Going to watch Case 39 this week, have not seen Summer Love, not sure if I want to see Thor. I have not been to any of those restaurants.