Monday, May 2, 2011


Among one of the TV shows I have been introduced to in the last week is maNSWERS.

This is a not so great show that tells men all they want to know. The episode I watched among other great topics like can you bounce a quarter off a stripers butt (you can if she is a firm 33" not a soft 36" hips ) was which bathroom stall is the cleanest.

This was a troublesome episode because the middle stall ( which I always use) has the most germs, followed by the large handicapped. The "safest" is the very first stall. I have done my own informal research and have found the first is always full (except for once and I did text Tarzan to let him know I was sitting there/ he too was bothered by the episode )

The stall was full in the first one for the photo this am.

Clinton Kelley on TLC encouraged my look today
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Queen B said...

lovin' the capris!

sadly, my stall choice currently is based on which one has the most effective lock :(

Diane said...

I prefer the one next to the handicap stall. Never the first one.

Megan said...

I know I never comment but I couldn't resist! Laura you are wearing capris!!! I must say you look so great in them!