Sunday, May 8, 2011

My mom is the coolest

I recently found my "1st Journal", it is 190 pages of teenage angst from 1984-1986. I remember at church they encouraged us to keep a journal "so our kids could inherit it" I think they had it all wrong. I think I kept a journal and happened to find it when my kids were the same age so that I would better understand them and relate to them as my mom did for me.

The journal covers every topic from my emotions on death to made up silly jokes (and geez was this teenager boy crazy). But the one that comes across stronger than anything is my absolute love for my family. Especially my mom.

There wasn't the "I hate my mom, I love my mom". There is the "My mom is always there for me". And she was. She was there to provide advice when my heart was broken. She was there to teach me social skills and grace under pressure. She was there raising 5 children (with 5 very different personalities) and still making me feel like I was her very favorite.

Not just on a hallmark holiday, but every minute of every day. I love you more than words could every say. You are my hero (and next year we do the Mother-Daughter-Look-A-Like Contest)!


Diane said...

How sweet! Love the picture!

alice said...

Hate to break it to you but im pretty sure I'm her favorite. Or at least she made me feel that way too. :)

Agent DragonFly said...

That is FABULOUS....I wish I would have been better about keeping a journal and it makes SUCH sense that would help you being a mom REMEMBER being that age...I love that

Anonymous said...

I love you! I can hardly believe I have a daughter (and actually all my kids) that say such great things about me. I was very blessed with the five best kids in the world. Thanks! I love you! Mom

Queen B said...

she had to have been an amazing mom to raise such fantastic kids :)