Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I think about when I am not sleeping

1. I wonder if I would choose to be a boy spider
2. Feather vs. Dot, I get it
3. I am thankful for alligators and zebras
4. I need to pee, again
5. I should get up and clean the floors
6. Is the front door locked?
7. Geez I could be doing work email right now
8. If I had a band I would name it "not so much"
9. Yeah flying coach international is definitely taking one for the team
10. I wonder if I will wear my contacts tomorrow


Kim Thomas said...

Can't relate to first 4 and number 10 in the slightest.5-6 sometimes, 7 all the time. 8 is such a name Kim Thomas would have for her band, I also thought of this today.

Queen B said...

I have never really taken the time to consider my stance on alligators and zebras. Maybe I should sleep less......

Um #9 is killer

Diane said...

I don't get #2. Get up go potty, go check the front door but don't clean, the floor is going to get dirty anyway.