Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shout out to Ms. VanHerk

One of my co-workers just came to me and said "Kim says hi"

Me "Kim?"

Him "Yeah, I next to her on a 4 hour flight"

Me "flight from where"

Him "Ohio"

Me "hmmmmm"

Him "how many Kim's are you friends with?"

Me "hmmmmmm" (i did count in outlook I have 8, facebook I have 6)

Him "shes a lawyer?"

Me "oh I was in book club with her (tip she is the only kim in law)

Him "yeah she said that" (tip this is another great descriptor)

Me "Geez I haven't seen her in forever, how is she?"

Him "She and Sheldon are doing great" (tip 3 that would have been another great descriptor)

Me "She also taught me how to make guacamole"

Him "She didn't tell me that!!!!!!"
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Diane said...

I am friends with two Kims on Facebook

Kim Thomas said...

Hate all the Kims.......

Queen B said...


I have 8 fb friends with "Kim" as first name and 1 with "Kim" as last name. One of them I'm having dinner with tomorrow night, and one I really miss a LOT!

Anonymous said...

How random is this?

I found this blog from you when I was looking myself up on the internet today, which I only did because 2 other people looked me up yesterday and told me random things about myself. Person one started with, "Have you heard of Spokeo?" Person two said, "I hope that you found your cat." To person one I said "I hate Spokeo." To person two I said, "I did," all the while thinking, "This is very random that a person in a professional context that I don't know would ask me about my cat that I lost in May..." Hmmm.

And, on to the topic at hand. I can't remember the name of your colleague, but he was very nice and sounds like he has a very nice family. We talked about his lovely daughters for quite a while. But, and this is a BIG but, I didn't say Sheldon and I are well. I don't think. I mean we ARE both well, but not as a unit. I know TMI, TMI; but, you know me, inaccuracies just rankle me. :)

Love, the Kim in law from book club. :) Happy Holidays!!