Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hungry Anyone?

Saturday after the walk we went for breakfast. The wait turned into lunch as we waited for a table of 11. When we sat down we quickly received water but sat for 5 minutes without menus

Finally I decided to take control of the situation before anyone from my group decided to turn postal. (Blood sugar was running pretty low).

I go to the front hostess stand and there is one destroyed menu
I then go to the bus boy. And ask for menus and he gives me a look that was somewhere between "I am stupid" and "panic". Finally after 15 seconds he says "go see the hostess in the back, she is tracking them".

Ok, so I see her in the back and approach her "ma'am can we get some menus"

"Um um um. Ok here's the deal. Our new menus get here at 2 pm. We only have 5 good ones left
If you can order from these three it would probably be best since the table with those 5 menus are having a hard time making a decision and holding the whole restaurant up"


Amy said...

Shut up! OMGoodness!

Queen B said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my

Hello, Kinkos!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Mom

Kim Thomas said...

Did Diane go to breakfast?