Sunday, November 28, 2010

I live on AZ for a reason

For 35 years I had no control of the thermostat. For the first 20, during the winter monthes I bundled up. For the next 15 I was too hot.

It wasnt until I lived in the Jasmine house bundling up in 56 degree house for 2 monthes that Kim inquired as to "why didn't I just turn on the heat". It was a shocking epiphany that I had that, power.

I sometimes forget. After Tarzan mocked my nest last night the heat got turned up from 67 to 75 this am.

(call out to the best ABBA quilt ever)

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Diane said...

I hate being cold especially at home. Heat is great!

Amy said...

I am happy you realized your power. I try to keep the thermostat at 69 during the winter months.

Queen B said...


I don't have control over the thermostat. I am in an ongoing war for control..... It might be the 100 year war.

Kim Thomas said...

Love your freedom