Friday, April 9, 2010

Things that Offend me (Part 2)

Scrubs outside of the hospital

Which one is your personal item?

Hair that is likely never washed

Good restaurant, dumb name

A Skinny Model in Swim shorts


Queen B said...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, II. Mom

Diane said...

Agree with skinny girl in shorts.

Ruthie Girl said...

note to self: don't let Laura see you when you are running straight from work to Raea's game

Kim Thomas said...

word verification offends me

KFuj said...

I disagree with the scrubs, many people come from work to events. I have a lot of parents to attend my meetings before, during, and after work and come in scrubs.... Should they really change?

LoSpace said...

That girl in the swim shorts just hasn't gotten around to laser hair removal yet...LOL!