Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jihad Jane

For those of you that have not heard the story of where the name Jane came from, I will briefly summarize that it was a token of love given to me by Kim1Champ when we first met (on her then new blog post number 26).

I have carried the name with pride: the creation of my own blog, overtime changing from Jane McKay to Jane Smith, using it as my license plate and proudly sharing it with my boss' daughter.

I am not happy that the name has been disgraced with this dumb Jihad Jane (and now Jihad Jamie is the second American women to be charged in this case. Thank goodness Brooke wasnt named Jamie).

Jihad ladies - you are not cute in that look and you are not nice. Give me my name back.


Kim Thomas said...

I named you Jane even before I loved you but it is a token of love just the same.

Jihad Jane is dumb indeed.

LoSpace said...

I am so glad there's no Jihad Lolas...

Amy said...

How dare they defame the name of Jane!

Queen B said...

There is only one Jane!

well.... I guess there is Generic Jane. But just one REAL Jane!