Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family party

I often rib my kids for their lack of planning now that they have cell phones. Rather than picking a time and place it is literally the lazy factor of calling friends right then and there.
Today at the family gathering Ned's Subs was closed. Never fear, everyone called to say they would be late which one by one brought all of the phones out (another new generation addiction I rib the kids about). Look at this picture, look at this application, look at this picture of the picture I took while he was taking a picture.
Epiphanies from this photo:
  • The Bold looks an awful lot like the IPhone
  • Ruth needs a new phone before May
  • The first generation and last generation blackberries missed the photo op
  • As much as we talk about the girls hands looking like my mothers, holy cow look at the identical hands of Joe and my dad
  • The Pearl may actually be smaller than the Behold
  • I have Droid envy
  • The pioneers could have never survived this
  • Emma is cute


Diane said...

Ruth definately needs a new phone.

What do you like about the Droid?

Queen B said...

WANT a droid... I fear I won't be on bbm this time next year :( that is the ONLY thing currently holding me back

the poor, sad flip phone

KFuj said...

Next time my family is all together we will take a picture, it will look much different than yours.

Jenn Ann said...

My issue with the Droid is that it does not properly align...the keyboard part sticks out past the top/screen part. And it's significantly thicker than I can tolerate. If the Queen abandons BlackBerries, I might cry. Good thing I got the unlimited texts on my plan just in case. Sigh.

Kim Thomas said...

Just keep having that Droid envy....your Pearl facilitates better communication with yout out of state, pregnant BFF

Supermom said...

Still love my iPhone the best! But from time to time miss the behold because I never had a proper farewell.