Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aunt Linda

We love Aunt Linda because:
-She takes an interest in every single child (including the grown up ones)
-She spooks my children out because she looks/talks/acts like their grandma
-She has impeccible style
-She is a proud mom and grandma
-She is always looking forward
-She is the second born
So happy we got time with you!!!


Queen B said...

hi, Aunt Linda!

KFuj said...

Aunts that are just like moms are the best thing in the world!!

Ruthie Girl said...

Sorry I was infected with the swine flu.

Diane said...

Yay for Aunts!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for a great sister, daughter, granddaughter and grandson, but where is the picture of the oldest? Mom

Jenn Ann said...

It amazes me how much all the females in your family look alike. Perhaps it's amazing to me since I look like I was adopted?

Kim Thomas said...

The only thing that could make Aunt Linda cooler was if she was first born.