Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dell Day One and Mark Sheeler made the Blog

I happen to be at the Perot headquarters as we are preparing for the Dell acquistion to finalize. Mark yesterday had the great idea that while we are all here we will get our new badges.

The Perot Systems offices is a museum of sorts decorated with a mixture of really cool stuff like Ross Perot's medals and honors, it is also decorataed with a mixture of really odd stuff (probably stuff that Mrs Perot refused to be kept in their garage) like Ross' 40 year old boots, cow dung, and fence parts.

As the 8 of us our tracking through hall after hall to locate the security office a funny bone is hit as I hear the instructions to get the to the office. The instructions as close to verbatim as I can recall from a Plano leader in the IS Wing :

"Go past Texas Hall and go to Executive Row, when you get there look for the big eagle"

Steve's response, "Oh that's by the space shuttle, I know where that's at"

Only in Texas :)

Sneak Preview of the new badges


Queen B said...

Hi, Mark!

My office is easy to get to... it's by the Starbucks :)

Anonymous said...

I love it. Congrats on the big day. Can't wait to hear all about it. Mom

Diane said...

No new pictures? They used his old one.

Why didn't I see yours?

I wish I could have gone.

Jenn Ann said...

Dell definitely has more exciting badges...

Kim Thomas said...

If I worked in Plano I know I would want my office to be next to the space shuttle