Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The value of $15 to a 13 year old

MJM: Mom will you pay me $10 if I eat a Sardine?
Jane: No that would be your challenge
MJM: But mom, that would be gross, pleasssssssse
Tarzan: I'll pay you $10 bucks
MJM: Cool, gag, vomit, gag, I can't finish it
Tarzan Mom: Oh honey if you finish I'll pay you another $5
MJM: Cool, gag, gag

$15 bucks, no way in hell


Diane said...

Did she get the money? That is gross!

Anonymous said...

She should have just put them on crackers and she would have been just fine. No gagging necessary. Mom

Anonymous said...

Did she get them down? MNJ behaved in like manner over a raspberry. Seriously, a raspberry! Where did this child come from?


Kim Thomas said...

I like sardines

Kim Thomas said...

What? No response or comment to the fact that Kim Thomas likes Sardines? Maybe you didn't believe me?

Seriously, I do. I prefer mustard to the tomato flavor.

Queen B said...