Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This weekend I took a much needed break at the Beach. On the way their we stopped at the Mercado to get some fruit. While this picture is not the fruit the watermelon juice next to the 'little" tabasco represents the story well.

So, the nice hispanic girl behind the counter says, "Do you want pepper on the fruit." I say, "What??". the nice girl repeats in heavy accent, "Do you want chili pepper on the fruit". As I write this I have no clue why I say yes. Regardless. Yes, Si all the same she sprinkles chili pepper on my fruit.

Fast forward 2 hours. Fruit soaked with chili pepper = damn hot mouth.

Fast forward 10 hours. Fruit soaked with chili pepper - damn hot on the other end and the epiphany to just keep the tabasco next to the Watermelon juice.


Anonymous said...

A short get a way sounds good to me. Especially, by the beach. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

OC beaches are the best but in Malibu they don't put pepper on fruit.

Queen B said...