Thursday, May 7, 2009

I survived a root canal

Today I was laying in the endodontist chair thinking of all the reasons I go to visit the dentist (for the sole purposes of drafting a blog). I kept sneaking in photos while trying to not gag on my own spit. I came up with the following Top 10.
10. I get to meet all the cool dentists (Dr Matloff is just awesome) and their staff in town (thank you Mandy!)
9. I want to prove to Alice that she needs a new doctor
8. I can seek sympathy since it is much greater than a paper cut
7. I get affirmation that I am the best at keeping my mouth open (not this time) or what a good chweer I am
6. I get to do email in between shots to numb me
5. I get to share why Ross Perot should have been president (and share political views before I trust my mouth in the hands of someone who I still dont know their policital opinion)
4. I get to brush my teeth with a one time use toothbrush
3. I love the smell of cloves
2. I like to put my money where my mouth is (I can not take credit for this one - Laura Kirk facebooked it :) )
1. Free products (Ok is the shirt above just not the coolest)


Paula said...

you are too funny. I dont think I would've blogged this if it were me.

Jenn Ann said...

Love the shirt! If I ever have to have a root canal (and I hope I don't), I'm going to demand a shirt!

Queen B said...

1. Pics are fantasti

2. You don't look very pleased at the situation ;)

3. So glad Chris got out of this last week
4. Perot would have kicked ass at being Prez

Anonymous said...

Way to keep a positive attitude! I need to get started. Mom

Kim Thomas said...

I love pic #2 and I have a total crush on you for taking pic #3

I love the dental collection!

Ruthie Girl said...


Grant had a couple in college and he still talks about how much he hated it.

The best part is making someone talk who is numb. It just makes me giggle.

I hope the day after is good.