Friday, May 8, 2009

The price of beauty

Tonight CEM begged to have her hair curly for school tomorrow, I did what any good mom would do and pulled out the soft curlers (they were pink in my day).

My house guests were concerned about how she would sleep. Are you kidding? Rae Young was my mom. Every Saturday night the pink curlers came out and there was no complaining. We were told more than once that it was the price of beauty.

Not only did I have no sympathy for CEM, but it appears from her smile that she has been trained well.


Anonymous said...

Every Saturday night I took my weekly bath. Yes once a week in those days. Then we would watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island and my mom would slap on the Dippity Do and roll my hair in pink sponge curlers. Had to have curly hair for church Sunday.

Way to go CEM!


Paula said...

she is adorable!
Amy....I loved those shows!!!!
I have a blog post of Princess in blue sponge curlers and I thought the same thing....they used to be pink!
I gotta ask did y'all end up taking the pic in the garage?

Ruthie Girl said...

Although it sucks to sleep in those rollers, they stay in so much better than hot rollers.

I wish someone would come to my house and roll me!

Queen B said...

that is a full head of curlers!

I'm with you... slept many a night as a child with a head full of pink rollers :)

Diane said...

I was going to ask the same thing..why is she in the garage? Where is the glamarous pic of CEM with curls?

Kim Thomas said...

They were definitely pink in our day and I had them all the time at my grandmothers.

I would like to see the pics of the final product.

Anonymous said...

I bet she was adorable! Mom