Saturday, August 1, 2015

Utah Olympic Park

Day Two of Park City was at Utah Olympic Park.  We did it as a half day adventure, but had it not been 92 degrees (hottest day in a month) and all three of us experiencing altitude sickness (good lord did I really grow up in this thi air) we would have made it a full day
Overall rating was amazing. We landed on the Bobsledding, Extreme Ziplining and Alpine Slide.

In this picture please note we are helping the "13 year old" gain 3 pounds. Which we successfully achieved.  She went from 97.8 pounds to 100.7 pounds in less than 10 minutes wearing her boots, jeans, layers, my belt, my jewelry and holding Tarzans phone. While we are all glad we were able to achieve this feat.  We wouldn't recommend the 60 mph body jarring ride to anyone.
We would however recommend the Ziplining and slide. 

Awesome adventure 


Kim Thomas said...

The best story! Don't challenge Jane.

Sara Watson said...

what an adventure :)

Diane said...

Scary, and zip line looks fun!