Saturday, August 1, 2015

Utah bound

CEM is my companion on SWA which means I decided to take her on an adventure to Utah. Day 1 was going to be a hang out with the Utah Youngs before the Utah Youngs decided to return to Arizona.  
As luck would have it the day we flew in was moving day so we decided to meet Aunt Linda for lunch (with her granddaughter Emma, CEMs the coolest second cousin) and do school shopping.
I had had a 36 hour obsession with getting white linen pants.  She was not about to let me leave without getting that need filled (love them!!)

Then the world was restored to order when we got our nails done 
Then dinner with Amy (who is so amazing,  I texted her at 1115. She skipped lunch, adapted her while schedule and drove to us!!!)
Then we spent 32 minutes with the Youngs as they finished up packing
This is honestly my favorite picture ever!  This is me being caught telling the kids a funny ;)

Great where to kick off off our Utah adventure


Kim Thomas said...

I love a good adventure! Funny, last night I did a companion pass adventure post :)

Amy Judd said...

So happy I got to spend time with you and CEM!

Sara Watson said...

Miss you! Glad the world was restored to order at the nail salon :)

Diane said...

I was looking for light blue ones for you this weekend and did not find anywhere

Diane said...

What an eventful trip, lots of visiting;)