Saturday, August 1, 2015

Park City Alpine Slides

It has been 22 years since I have been in the Alpine slides (I know this because the last time I was there was when Malia was pregnant with Megan).  As we were walking to the resort I was upselling how great the adventure was.  I was also declaring what a speed demon my brother was and all his wounds he has gotten over the years (I am not saying I'm not a speed demon, I am simply saying he wins the award for unabated fearless no braking and I am saying I was impressed that he responded to the pictures of my wounds almost immediately).

And immediately after
I would like to point out how great the crash was that it destroyed the shirt and the pants.
(This is proof that Tim, the coolest medic ever, works 😏 and a thank you for posing with the 43 year old speed demon*). 
The day after 

*whenever injuries occur it is always important to point out the coolest part the the story first like I was a speed demon - which I was.  While going way way too fast, feeling the wind blow through my pony, and taking air as I took the last jump.  The crash actually occurred when my phone flew out of my bra into the cart and the cart flipped over onto the track at incredibly high speeds while I was trying to recover it.  Chris was either incredibly smart, or I was incredibly stupid.  But I did still win the race even after tipping over.  Recovering the phone that had flown off the track 5 feet back and returning to my high speed.


Kim Thomas said...

I still can't believe you won despite the crash.

Sara Watson said...

:) our last alpine slide adventure resulted in my brother getting fiberglass jambed under his fingernail.... also a casualty of being a fearless speed demon.

Diane said...

Speed demon !!! Your phone crack?