Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where in the World......

I have officially hit the record of the worst blogging year since 2008.  So the question is WHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU BEEN (insert the sing songy Carmen San Diego theme song here)

Been a crazy couple months.  I will do a mad catch up of blogs in as much detail as I can recall.  But I don't expect anyone but CEM (or maybe KT, DP and SW) do fully read.  So here is executive summary

1. Schools out
2. I bought a house and sold a house
3. REM joined, swore in and left for basic traning for the US Army Reserves
4. I havent had a vacation since April - I need one
5. I just backed up photos for the first time since March
6. Work has been extremely busy 
7. I have the best family in the world, they are all growing and changing and I am so blessed to get to spend time with them,
8. CEM has grown 2 feet
9. MJM is becoming an amazing fucntional adult
10. I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with the love of my life

And for good measure I am including Carmen hanging with Waldo.  
1. Because it makes me laugh 
2. it reminds me of REM and 
3. I love the way she dresses 


Sara Watson said...

read it all :) I REALLY want to get to AZ to hug your neck! working on it....

Diane said...

Lol, great recap!

Kim Thomas said...

Welcome to blogger