Sunday, June 7, 2015

Private McKay's Goodbye Event

For a Good Bye Party REM and I discussed that she should have an open house.  I told her I would send out a text to the family and she could invite any friends over that she wanted.

She quickly sent out a group text and posted the event on Instagram and Twitter.  Since I was planning the party from afar in Oklahoma I asked Tarzan to get meat and deserts from Costco for me.

He took MJM with him (thank goodness) who said to him that the party was probably going to be bigger than the 16 beef patties he was purchasing.  She showed him the Instagram post, he quickly texted me asking if I knew she had posted in Social Media.  I responded yes, I thought there would only be about 5 people more than her normal peeps.

Well 90 people later, I am so glad MJM went shopping with Tarzan.

Amazing turnout with so many people who have loved REM throughout her whole life,  What a great send off to basic training.

Thank goodness so many people love my children.!!!


Sara Watson said...

That is AWESOME! ....and very much deserved

Diane said...

Love them all!