Saturday, June 13, 2015

Colorado Springs

Amy sent me an email months ago asking if I wanted to go to Colorado with her to go to her friends wedding.  Originally the schedule didn't accommodate it.  Then with summer craziness I emailed her to see if it was too late.  She was in!!  

As luck turns out my parents were in the same zip code and we were able to have a great (gluten free) lunch.  

The wedding was beautiful, the weather was amazing (darn rain before we got there delayed the plane by an hour).  We watched Jurassic World an went down a memory lane in Littleton (her home 12 years ago) and purchased her "mother of the bride dress", had dinner with my peeps at the airport.  Best of all my best friend of 30 years and I got great catch up time!!


Amy Judd said...

You are the best! Love your guts! Best trip ever!

Kim Thomas said...

What an awesome adventure! Yay for BFF's and good times!

Sara Watson said...

what a great trip!

Diane said...

Great fun and memories!