Sunday, August 10, 2014

My first words

I didn't speak for a long time.  As a second born the first will often do all the talking for you.  Apparently I let Tami take the lead.  

When I did decide to speak my first word(s) was "I want candy" (I need to validate with my mother, but I think this sentence was said at the dentist office).

I don't know if it's because I haven't had candy in a while, if it's because I cane upon fiddle faddle today or if I'm just craving sugar at the moment.  Here some (in order of preference) my favs front that era


Ruth Anne said...

very interesting choices. :)

Sara Watson said...

oh my, this is a dangerous post!

My mom had a similar experience as the third born (1 year behind a sister). She says she talks so much now because she's still catching up ;)

Diane said...

Love all your choices except the fruit pies

Kim Thomas said...

How did I not know about the lemon drops