Friday, August 1, 2014

Key landmarks

I always laughed when I lived in Minnesota and the directions would go something like this :

"Drive about 2 miles, once you go over the small hill loom for the bar with the green door next to the VW"

The directions for our villa in Mexico topped them all (and keep in mind I was stressfully looking for Jesus)

"Once you see Foxploration (Fox Baja Studios on the left you there will be a slight turn on the highway, once you see the giant JESUS on the right you are looking for the next set of tall white buildings"

 (oh there he his-bigger than most buildings- and by the way up close he has a life size painted red heart on this robe)


Sara Watson said...

RO :) Hard to miss Jesus.

These are similar directions to what I got when navigating northern Alabama.

Kim Thomas said...

Always look for Jesus

Diane said...

Love the heart painted on the robe