Monday, March 24, 2014

The worst part

The worst part of the knee injury is officially no longer, what shoes am I going to wear.  It is now damn I want to take those stairs 
Not the elevator 
The purchase of cole haan nike air and these crocs (yes crocs) has removed the first dilemma
Review of crocs:

1. I can walk
2. Stayed comfortable all day
3. Like Sara Id prefer heels.  However if I have to wear flats these are a great option
4. My feet are sweaty 


Sara Watson said...

I like those! So sorry about your knee :(

Diane said...

Try peds with them

Andrea said...

Shoulda sent me shopping for flats for you!! Sorry about the knee and now the added challenges.

Amy said...

Agree with Diane

Kim Thomas said...

I really want both of these shoes