Saturday, March 1, 2014

Madonna Inn - Cave Man room

Tarzan has always wanted to stay here.  So a year ago we booked this room for our 6 day stay for the Central Coast go-live.

Overall review:

-Bed more comfortable then I thought it would be.
-Wore my socks to bed to prevent stubbing my toes when I got up to pee
-No where to put hairspray without falling on rocks
-Waterfall in room makes me need to pee
-No dresser :( have to live out of suitcase
-Pouring rain last night was awesome, truly felt like we were in a cave
-Bathroom light too hot


Diane said...

Need a fake rock for a dresser. looks fun!

Kim Thomas said...

Good times for sure!

Sara Watson said...

Ha! That is really cool. Perfect for Tarzan and Jane :)