Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An open letter to the I told You So Girl's husband

JanuANY 15, 2014

Dear Mr Whitson (sounded better than Dear John),

I feel your pain, I too am the CSO (Chief Subway Orderer) in my house.  I have not yet rejected my family and told them I can no longer place the custom orders they send me too get due to their sad looks of dismay if they happen to come out wrong.

I will get your sweet onion chicken teriyaki (including american cheese unless you share with Jeffery) anytime along with the rest of the I Told You So Girl family  if you can kindly pick these up for me the next time you are in my zip code.  I promise I won't complain (as long is there no mayo on mine).

Our order
12” turkey on white no cheese
Lettuce, a little bit of spinach, cucumbers, lots of olives and lots and lots of salt and pepper

12” turkey on white toasted first then add American cheese
Lettuce, cucumber, spinach, salt and pepper

6” turkey on wheat with American cheese
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mustard and salt and pepper

Depends on the day

Me (Assuming I am not sharing with Tarzan.  If sharing with Tarzan then it becomes a 12” with tomatos only on one side)
6” BMT sub the ham for turkey on wheat add pepper jack cheese
All the veggies including banana peppers and jalepenos no onions or green peppers, mustard and salt and pepper

Tarzan (if not sharing with me)
12” BMT (unless pastrami is available) on wheat add pepperjack
Banana peppers, jalepenos, pickles, salt and pepper

I love you,


PS I bought something for you on eBay today. Please call for details.


Sara Watson said...

RO :)

Diane said...

Yours sounds the best. I like the girls all want cucumber and salt and pepper

Alice said...

He's so right though. Ordering subway is the worst for other people!

Kim Thomas said...

6 inch tuna with all veggies except olives. No mayo or mustard extra vinegar