Sunday, January 12, 2014

Games with CEM

In October I played UpWords for the first time with the Whitson family and got my butt kicked.

I promptly downloaded the app and have been in pursuit of the game.  It finally arrived last week (we have been playing Ticket to Ride, which is a while other blog) but we have been otherwise preoccupied.

MJM caught this super intense moment towards the end of the game.
Followed by the reading of instructions of how the points are calculated at the end.
CEM went out first causing me to lose 10 points.
And the her painful one point lose (which we both agreed was worse than by me losing Tickey to Ride by 6 points)


Sara Watson said...

looks fun....yet very intense :)

Diane said...

I want to play!

Kim Thomas said...

I find it hard to believe you ever lost on upwards